About the Artist

Katie O'Malley (she/her) is currently a Master's student at UC Santa Barbara who studies bio-geo-chemical processes in marine sediments of Santa Barbara Basin. As an undergraduate studying Dance and Chemistry, Katie used her time in the dance studio to release creative energy. However, upon entering a M.S. a program in mid-pandemic, Katie, now confined to a1,228 sq-ft apartment, needed new compact yet powerful creative outlet to help her sort her thoughts. So she taught herself to animate. It became a powerful tool to relay intricate processes plainly. After many trials and errors, this website was founded as a publicly accessible depository aimed at undergraduate and graduate levels for educational outreach. Email Katie at komalley@ucsb.edu

Research Interests My ultimate goal as a researcher is to use microscopic chemical processes to examine microbial biodiversity and nutrient cycling in oxygen depleted marine environments.

Biogeochemistry, marine nutrient cycling, microbial biodiversity, oxygen deficient zones, the Biological Pump, coastal nutrient and carbon turnover.